Quantum Squid Interactive is a Portland, Oregon based independent software development company started in 2007 by a group of industry veterans with years of experience in application and game development.

We began by creating and publishing games internally on the Xbox 360. We quickly expanded our focus to other platforms, ranging from the iPhone to the Sony PSP. Our excellent team of developers and artists have rapidly established themselves as a top tier asset in the vast world of software development. The diverse nature of our company, with products ranging from interactive merchandising applications to majestic 3D games, have established us as a premier resource for our clients.

Quantum Squid's broad supply of talent and vast amounts of experience allow us to tackle any project. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our clients with a unique relationship, keeping them involved and up to date throughout the development cycle of their product. As our client, we work with you to maximize the full potential of your ideas and help you realize your overall vision.

Management Team

Dane Emerson

Founder & President

Dane founded Quantum Squid Interactive in early 2007 after finally succumbing to his desire to return to dedicated game development. An avid gamer, Dane’s passion, vision and out-of-the-box thinking helps keep him on the creative edge of the game and entertainment industry.

Prior to officially forming Quantum Squid in 2007, Dane worked at Nintendo of America for close to 5 years where he participated in several coveted R&D department projects and held various management positions, ultimately taking on the role of Game Play Training Coordinator. During his days at Nintendo, Dane completed over 400 games, all on company time no-less.

Dane went on to co-found Seattle area game developer Lobotomy Software in the early-90’s where he worked on past projects with Microsoft, 3D Realms, Playmates Toys, GT Interactive, and THQ. Previous Lobotomy titles include: Microsoft Soccer, Powerslave (Exhumed in Japan) for the PC, Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation, Duke Nukem and Quake for the Sega Saturn.

In 1996, Dane moved back down to the Portland area and started the game development studio, Aramat Productions. At Aramat, Dane built a team of 30 designers, artists, and coders to work on multi-platform projects with THQ and Playmates Toys.

In 1999, Aramat Productions transitioned into the creation of Burkson Technologies, a software development company desiring to utilize our expertise in graphics and game development to create merchandising software for the retail automotive industry. Burkson continues to maintain ongoing, long-term relationships with some of the largest wheel/tire retail chains in the country.

Contact Information

(503) 847-9840

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