iPad Update 1.4 Issues and iPhone Update

Written by Shawn

There have been numerous issues reported with the iPad 1.4 update and devices running legacy iOS versions. We are looking into the issue and hope to have some more information on the matter soon. The best solution and Apple's recommended procedure is to update your device to the current version of iOS using iTunes. You can find more information on this procedure here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1414

The main hold up right now is the lack of legacy iOS devices for testing. We have contacted Apple but they have indicated that downgrading for any reason is not supported and their development tools do not support it. We are looking into workarounds right now.

The iPhone update will be delayed until we can get some sort of resolution to the current issues with the iPad update, since they share a lot of similar changes.


Update for Veggie Samurai HD Released!

Written by Shawn

The update for Veggie Samurai HD has been released and should be showing up in the App Store soon! We are working on the iPhone update as well and expect that to be ready in the near future.

For these updates we have focused mainly on performance and functionality upgrades. To help combat the issues we have had with OpenFeint in the past we have removed the OpenFeint SDK from our new versions and opted for a native Game Center implementation instead.


News from the Tank

Written by Shawn

Hello everyone and best wishes from the Squid Tank! Well you knew it was inevitable! With all the the stuff that made 2010 a great year comes all of the grind to make 2011 an even better one. We are working hard to improve our existing products, develop new and exciting experiences, and help promote the overall growth of the company.

The very first point of excitement is that we are growing! We have hired a new artist and junior programmer and are actively looking for additional local talent! If you are an exceptional programmer with experience developing games or interactive applications the Quantum Squid offices could be the place for you! Be sure to head over to the contact page and drop us a line if you are interested!

While growth is always a good thing for a company, it also means that we are going to need a bigger tank! Our current accommodations are getting a little cramped and we are actively looking for a new location to stretch our tentacles!

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