Creating a product involves a lot more than developing a functional application, you must captivate the end user.

At Quantum Squid we strive to create products with personality; products that stand out from the crowd. The success of a product often hangs on how memorable of an experience it offers. This is why we believe that having the right team with the right expertise is vital to any project.

We have enjoyed success and critical acclaim developing our own internal games and IPs and are excited to bring that same passion, dedication, and expertise to your projects. Whether it is developing an engaging experience centered around your brand or creating a brand new IP, we put communication at the top of the list as we work together through all phases of development.

Please take a moment and contact us if you would like to have an impromptu “brainstorming session” about an upcoming project.

Battle Havoc

A real-time artillery game with a unique twist, Battle Havoc let’s players take to the air with rechargeable jets unleashing the power of over 20 different weapons and upgrades.


Put your multi-tasking skills to the test as you navigate incoming ships to their correct ports. Dock as many ships as possible, avoid collisions, and share your score over Xbox Live.

Elf'd Uprising

A holiday twist on VSU! Play as a cute little elf who needs to wrap as many presents as possible. Help make sure Santa has enough toys for everyone!


A 3D action-RPG that fuses lightning fast hack 'n slash combat with tactical gameplay. Countless loot and ability combinations for hours of gameplay.

Rabid Gophers

Rabid Gophers is a series of reaction based mini-games where players blast, detonate, and snipe away rabid gophers in order to protect the farm.


Starball is an addictively simple pick-up-and-play style game which is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Veggie Samurai

Feel the power at your finger tips! Put your swordsman skills to the test as you use your fingers to slice and dice veggies of all shapes and sizes in Veggie Samurai.

Veggie Samurai: Uprising

All the veggie slicing satisfaction but with the additional new goal of climbing as high as you can! Suit up and stretch out those is time for an Uprising!

Zombie Faceball

Smack the heads off incoming zombies in a wacky blend of America's favorite pastime and the undead. See how far you can go by unlocking more powerful "head smacking" implements as new and unique zombies are unleashed.

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